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by Ed Keeble

The guy who crashed 50 festivals secures MTV premiere for film

Get ready to watch the channel for the first time in a decade


The guy who crashed 50 festivals secures MTV premiere for film


Marcus Haney, the serial festival crasher, has secured an MTV premiere for his film No Cameras Allowed. 

Last month, he made headlines after releasing the trailer for the film, which followed him blagging his way into festivals all the way from Coachella to Glastonbury. It screened shortly after at the Los Angeles The Wiltern Theater and has now been snatched up by MTV for a premiere on 29 August.

 Watch the trailer for No Cameras Allowed below

So how does he do it? He jumps fences, fakes tickets, blags it as a member of the press, and does whatever he has to in order to get in. Think of the movie as a definitive blagger's guide.

In the process of filming, Haney shot Mumford and Sons and ended up being invited on tour with the group. Along the way, he also became friends with The Naked and Famous, who have supplied the soundtrack for the film.

So people, be prepared to actually tune into MTV to watch something that is about music. 

 Below: Getting into a festival for free - A blaggers' guide

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