Bow down b**ches
gigwise intern
09:57 12th July 2014

Ed Sheeran believes that "Beyonce controls all women", all of whom want to think like her and do the things that she does.

In an interview with Atlanta's Power 96.1 radio station, Sheeran was asked to "pick a booty, Iggy Azalea or Beyonce." Sigh.

"Beyonce," he replied. "Beyonce controls all women. Beyonce owns women around the world."

"But who has the better butt?" pushed the interviewers, lest the conversation should accidentally veer onto the topic of the women's music.

"Beyonce, because if you're talking about someone that controls women, all women are gonna think that Beyonce... Beyonce just has this thing, women want to be her, they want to think like her, they want to do the things that she does."

Watch Ed Sheeran talking about Beyonce below

He added: "And she's like, 'Hey y'all, I've got a new album out,' and they're like, 'I'm buying it! It's already on my iPod!' When that album dropped, you realised how many of your mates are Beyoncé fans, because I had a house party the day that it dropped - and I didn't know it was dropping, obviously all the women did - and all of the women locked themselves in a room with big speakers and listened to the album all the way through."

He continued: "There were about 16 of them. And the guys were just there drinking beer, playing pool... We just didn't know what was going on, so we went in and they were just there [singing] 'Drunk in Love!'" What's that? You're a woman and not a Beyonce fan? Nope, not possible, you want to be her.

Sheeran's second album, x, was released on 23 June, and went straight to No.1 in the UK and the US album charts.