Band also slam Miles Kane and Paul Weller
Alex Thorp
14:15 10th July 2014

Sleaford Mods have taken aim at Arctic Monkeys, Miles Kane and Paul Weller - accusing Alex Turner of becoming 'cornered by money'. 

The outspoken Jason Williamson, frontman with the critically-acclaimed Nottingham duo, told Gigwise of his distaste in Kane's resurgence in mod-culture - adding that his Last Shadow Puppets' bandmate Turner has 'totally lost it'. 

"They’re like wax models and they're full of stereotypes," said Williamson of Turner and Kane. "They’ve just been cornered by money. That Alex Turner guy has taken it completely the wrong way, he just doesn't know what he’s doing. That little thing he had went a long time ago. He’s lost it."

Williamson has set the profile picture on the Sleaford Mods’ Facebook page to an image of Turner and Kane in an apparent effort to poke fun at the pair. Seemingly unaware of the animosity felt by Williamson, Miles Kane last week urged his Twitter followers to check out a Sleaford Mods song by tweeting a link to their video for ‘Jolly Fucker’.


Williamson then went on to slam Paul Weller, who last month released his new album More Modern Classics.

"It (mod subculture) doesn’t exist anymore," Williamson told Gigwise. "He’s just flogging a dead horse to pay the rent. Paul Weller is too drunk on his former glories to realise that he looks daft."

He continued: "He’s just released an album called More Modern Classics. Why are they classics? It’s just a pretentious, arrogant statement. He’s just going through the motions. He probably just sits back and thinks about his back catalogue but that’s no excuse. I feel really strongly about stuff like that because he shouldn’t be doing it anymore."

 Watch Sleaford Mods' video for 'Jolly Fucker' below

Sleaford Mods have received critical acclaim both in the UK and abroad after releasing their third album Divide And Exit in April this year. Williamson also revealed he turned down a lucrative offer from Guinness who wanted to use one of the group’s songs for an advert.

“Initially I said I’ll think about it, but then I thought ‘no what am I doing?’" he said. "It’s an advert, we can’t do that it’s stupid. It’s a sign that you’re easily bought and easily swayed. It would have been nice to pay the mortgage off and all that shit, we would have got a lot of money for that. But f*ck it, it would have just looked cheesy."

Sleaford Mods are performing UK and European headline and festival shows from now well into November. For more information visit Gigwise Tickets

Below: 7 ways Alex Turner became one of music's richest under-30s

  • Selling shedloads of copies of AM: Their 2013 album broke records when they became the first ever independent band to have five consecutive No.1 albums - shifting 157,000 copies in its first week alone. Since then, it's gone platinum twice in the UK alone, with pretty epic record sales around the world. Not bad.

  • Becoming festival giants: Arctic Monkeys are no strangers to headlining festivals, but their new more rock-based anthemic sound and unforeseen explosion in popularity saw them top Glastonbury last year and Reading and Leeds this summer - with them becoming one of the most booked festival acts on the planet in between.

  • Being one of the most played bands on the radio: Seriously, they're totally inescapable - they soundtracked 2013 and beyond.

  • Becoming HUGE in the US: They've always been a pretty big deal in the UK and Europe, but the past 12 months were the year that Arctic Monkeys really 'broke' the US. The last time they were over there, they were supporting The Black Keys, now they're headlining festivals, selling out arenas and winning over legions of fans with countless TV appearances. 'Do I Wanna Know' found itself at No.1 on the US Alternative Songs Chart and AM saw the band crack the Billboard top 10 albums chart for the first time since 2007.

  • Appearing on Queens Of The Stone Age's 'If I Had A Tail': Every little helps

  • Everyone covering 'Why'd You Only Call Me When You're High' or 'Do I Wanna Know': Miley Cyrus, Chvrches, Jagwar Ma, Daley, James Arthur, Queens Of The Stone Age, The Vamps, Katy B, MS MR - the list goes on. Has anyone NOT recorded an AM cover in the last 12 months?

  • The huge headline shows: From Earl's Court to the upcoming shows at Finsbury Park, AM and their epic live show has seen Arctic Monkeys become not only one of the most-in demand tickets in the world, but filling the shoes of Oasis and joining the ranks of Muse as the UK's true great guitar live band. God only knows how much they'll be taking home from the 80,000+ tickets sold from Finsbury Park.

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