Sublime frontman furious after KMFA Day incident

08:55 28th May 2014

Linkin Park have been accused of informing police officers of rock band Sublime smoking weed at a recent US festival, by the frontman of the band.

The alleged incident took place in Arizona when the band were playing at KMFA Day in Tuscon. According to frontman Rome Ramirez, Linkin Park are "allergic to pot" and while Sublime were on stage they were reported the smoking to the guards. As a result bags of weed were confiscated from their dressing room, but no arrests were made. 

Taking weed from a band like Sublime, is something of a crime and safe to say they weren't too happy. Rome then took to Twitter to vent his frustrations with the group, calling them "bitches", "Linkin nark" and so on. He has also posted TMZ's police report, which he says proves it was the band. 


Mike Shinoda has since sent out a series of tweets denying the band's involvement in the incident, claiming that they were at a meet and greet and that they were misrepresented by someone. 

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