Singer was accused of racial insensitivity
Alexandra Pollard

12:33 5th May 2014

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Lily Allen has said that she has no plans to apologise for her controversial 'Hard Out Here' video, saying: "I don't think I did anything wrong."

The singer released the song and accompanying video in November, and it was praised by many for its explicitly feminist message - addressing the objectification of women and issues with body image in the music industry.

The song includes the lyrics: "If I told you 'bout my sex life, you'd call me a slut. When boys be talking 'bout their bitches, no one's making a fuss. There's a glass ceiling to break, uh-huh, there's money to make, and now it's time to speed it up 'cause I can't move at this pace."

However the video also prompted significant criticism, particularly with regards to Allen's use of predominantly black women, who portray the twerking, half-naked dancers she seems to be deriding.

Watch the video for 'Hard Out Here' below

In a new interview with Q Magazine, Allen once again addressed the controversy, saying: "I've never apologised for it and I still won't be because I don't think I did anything wrong."

She added: "People on Twitter always say it's not the intent, it's the impact. Well, that's bullshit.

"My whole make-up is about bringing inequality and injustice to the forefront, so when people said I was racist I was like, 'Noooo, that's not me', I thought, 'Oh my God, is it worth it? But of course it is.''

'Hard Out Here' is taken from Allen's third album, Sheezus, which is released in the UK today (5 May.)

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