Wasted girl filmed at Ultra Festival in 2013 getting intimate with wood
Michael Baggs
12:45 30th April 2014

A video of an drunk girl at 2013 Ultra Festival has become a viral hit, as the internet watches her share intimate, passionate moments with a tree. See the video below.

The video, titled 'Drunk Girl Doesn't Want To Stop Making Out With The Tree' has been shared widely online in recent days as 2014 festival season approaches. It shows exactly what you expect from the title, as a very, very drunk girl is filmed kissing a tree and shedding her clothes in full view of shocked festival goers - who can be heard muttering 'this girl is embarassing herself' - among other things. Fortunately, she is pulled away from the tree by friends, clearly shocked at her antics.

See the video below - and never ever ever try it on with a tree. The internet will find you.


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