Faris and Tom say they would never record a 'Sex On Fire' to get there
gigwise intern
14:08 25th April 2014

The Horrors have spoken of their desire to headline a massive festival one day - but say they'll do it own their own terms.

Speaking to Gigwise, Faris Badwan and Tom Cowan said they'd "absolutely" love to headline a festival such as Glastonbury in the future.

"Are there any bands that wouldn't?" said frontman Faris. "There are hundreds of bands that I love that could never headline, but I think that they'd probably all love to."

However, he added the band will never change their sound to increase their chances of topping the bill. "You should never be willing to water down your music for the sake of headlining, but we feel like we can achieve it on our own terms."

Watch the video for The Horrors' 'So Now You Know' below:

Bandmate Tom echoed his sentiments about pandering to the mainstream, and why they'll never do a Kings of Leon and record a 'Sex on Fire'. "We know the cheap tricks, we joke about it, we talk about it," he said. "There are ways to get a No 1 record. It's not satisfying."

"We can't do it if it becomes a job. If it's a functional tool, where's the joy in that?" added Faris. "I don't think we could live with ourselves. I don't think we could release something we weren't happy with."

The Horrors' forthcoming album, Luminous, will be released on May 5.