Ballad appeared on Beyonce's eponymous record
gigwise intern
08:43 22nd April 2014

Sia has revealed she sent 'Pretty Hurts', the uplifting ballad that appears on Beyonce's recent eponymous release, to both Katy Perry and Rihanna before Beyonce took it.

Speaking to the New York Times, Sia revealed she had originally emailed the track to Perry, who didn't see it, before sending it to Rihanna, whose manager held onto it for 8 months but didn't pay the fee to make the track officially hers.

Beyonce then heard the track, and knowing she had a hit on her hands, secured it immediately. "When Beyoncé heard it, she slid into home base and just closed the deal," Sia revealed. 'Pretty Hurts' ended up opening Beyonce's acclaimed eponymous debut, which she released unexpectedly in December 2013.

Listen to Beyonce's 'Pretty Hurts' below:

Unfortunately, by the time Katy Perry finally got wind of the track, it was too late. After her producer Dr Luke played her Beyonce's version of the song, she texted Sia to say: "I'm pretty hurt you never sent me this song," (we see what you did there, Perry). Sia's reply? "Check your email."

"It was meant to be with Beyonce, of course," Perry replied graciously, according to Sia. Just goes to show: keep on top of your emails. Otherwise you could lose out to Beyonce.