First track believed to be called 'West Coast'
Michael Baggs

09:16 7th April 2014

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Photos have emerged of Lana Del Rey shooting a new music video, believed to be 'West Coast' - the long-awaited first single from second album, Ultra Violence.

Joined by a number of tattooed, attractive models, the US superstar shot the new video on an LA beach. The singer is seen puffing on a cigarette, joking with male extras and producers of the video - before ending up getting a serious soaking as she plunges into the ocean, fully dressed.

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Del Rey announced that her new single would be called 'West Coast' on Facebook and Twitter on 3 April 2014, as well as sharing a new image of herself to coincide with the reveal. See below.



Lana Del Rey previously told fans that her long-awaited second album, Ultraviolence, would be released on 1 May 2014, but no official confirmation of the record's release has been announced. The album is expected to be released in 2014.

Below: everything you need to know about Lana Del Rey's Ultraviolence album

  • It may be a little bit rocky: The latest, and possibly most important, update we've had on Ultraviolence is that Dan Auerbach has a hand on the production side of things. Winner of 2013's Producer of the Year at the Grammys for his work co-producing his band the Black Keys' record El Camino, he's also worked with the likes of Dr John and Hacienda. Will Ultraviolence be influenced by the blues rock of the Black Keys?

  • 2. %u2026But it could go disco: Legendary disco producer Giorgio Moroder has seen somewhat of a career revival since his appearance on Daft Punk's Random Access Memories. Now, it seems he could be appearing on Ultraviolence, if his shifty behaviour in an interview with Digital Spy when asked if the rumours he's working with Lana Del Rey are true are anything to go by. "I don't know? Did you read something about that? Well... I have a few singers I'm planning to work with," he said, winking. Probably.

  • It 'might' be released on May 1: Speaking to fans in February, Del Rey seemed to let slip the release date of Ultraviolence. "It's coming soon - May 1st" she said, before backtracking and saying the date wasn't confirmed. Hmm, we don't believe you Lana.

  • It's fairly dark: Del Rey has revealed Ultraviolence is "wrong and exquisite%u2026darker than the first, so dark it's almost unlistenable and wrong." Blimey.

  • 'Black Beauty' probably won't be on there: Del Rey confirmed 'Black Beauty' would feature on Ultraviolence - but it then leaked, which she admitted "discouraged" her. We'd be surprised if it ended up on the final cut now it's been sitting on YouTube for months.

  • Ultraviolence will be more uptempo than Born To Die: As well as 'Black Beauty', other tracks including 'Behind Closed Doors' and 'Criminals Run The World' have surfaced. Both tracks are upbeat, electronic-tinged numbers, and whilst it's unconfirmed whether they were lined up to appear on Ultraviolence, perhaps they're a sign of the new direction Lana will be taking.

  • Fans can expect to hear new material performed at Glastonbury: Lana is among the performers confirmed for this year's Glastonbury festival. This is big news, and with work on Ultraviolence nearly complete, she won't be able to rely on tunes such as 'National Anthem' and 'Blue Jeans' this time around - she will need to spice up her set with new music.

  • The first single is called 'West Coast': Lana Del Rey confirmed the titled of the lead single from Ultraviolence on Twitter - and it is none of the leaked tracks we have heard in recent months. It is believed the lead single will be titled 'West Coast'. Very cool, very Lana.

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Photo: Lana Del Rey / Press