Infection fears for US KoL fans

08:47 4th April 2014

Attendees at the Kings Of Leon's 28 March gig in Seattle are at the centre of a health scare after health officials warn the crowd and band may have been exposed to measles.

The Washington State Health Department has issued a warning to those who attended that they may have contracted the highly infectious disease. This is all due to an infected woman who contracted the illness two days before going to the concert - and yet attended the show despite being contagious and, most likely, very itchy.

The officials have said that anyone who hasn't been vaccinated should seek medical attention immediately as the disease can be fatal. This also includes the band. However their tour dates in support of Mechanical Bull remain unaffected. 

Listen to Kings of leon's 'Beautiful War' below 

Meanwhile in a recent interview with Q the band encouraged fans to strip during their gigs, reffering to a 2013 incident of an attendee whipping out his birthday suit.  

"It did spice up the show a little bit. We're up there pouring our hearts out and if someone wants to show us a little skin, then that will only add a little variety to our show," said Nathan Followill. "So anyone out there, preferably of the female variety... but if anyone wants to hang a little dong we'll look at that too." 

With the measles around you may want to keep your clothes on guys. 

Below: Kings Of Leon live - with no nudity and no measles