US star reworks 1977 track for drink advert
michael baggs
14:32 2nd April 2014

It takes a brave musician to cover David Bowie, and Janelle Monae is one such star. Her cover of the star's iconic 'Heroes' track has premiered online, and it is really rather brilliant. Listen below.

Adding an electropop, soulful twist to the track, Monae's take on Bowie's 1977 hit is a bright, modern interpretation, which is sure to appeal to many - but we'd wager a few Bowie purists would take issue with the dusting off Monae has given the tune. Listen to Monae's cover of 'Heroes' below.

Discussing the cover, which was recorded for a new Pepsi promotion, Monae explains her approach to tackling such a classic, and says that the track is one of her favourite ever Bowie tracks.

"Bowie is part of my musical DNA in so many ways," she tells Rolling Stone magazine. "And 'Heroes’ is one of my favorite Bowie songs. When you love your favorite song, you want to keep some of the beautiful qualities of the original, but we brought Atlanta in the drums and wanted them to be thick and hit hard.

"[The cover] is like us reimagining it. I thought, ‘If this song was in my dream, how would it get from our dream to my reality?’"