Punk icon longs for jaws of hungry shark
Andrew Trendell

09:53 21st March 2014

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Iggy Pop has revealed that his ideal way to die would be in the jaws of a hungry shark - rather than go into an old folk's home or enter 'assisted living'. 

The 66-year-old Stooges man and punk icon told Playboy magazine that he hates the idea of dying in a nursing home in his 90s and would rather die in a much more exciting manner - befitting his rock n' roll lifestyle. 

"I have a beach house in the Cayman Islands, where there are sharks," he said. "When I go swimming I think, 'Boy, a shark attack would solve a lot of problems.

"I seriously do not want to go into assisted living or a nursing home, so I'm hoping for a shark attack. That would be good."

Watch Iggy Pop performing 'Lust For Life' below 

Earlier this week, Iggy Pop paid tribute to his friend and bandmate, Stooges drummer Scott Asheton, who died on Sunday. Iggy described Asheton as 'a great artist who left a huge legacy to the world'. 

Iggy Pop has also just began his new role as a Sunday afternoon host on BBC 6 Music, filling in for Jarvis Cocker while on hiatus. 

"I had a great experience doing the shows for BBC Radio 6 Music over the holidays, he said in a statement. "To be honest, commerce, critics, crooks and creeps have conspired over time to knock the stuffing out of my soul as I have become ever more removed from the joys of feeling music."

The singer added: "The act of revisiting my library and memories to share the tunes I have treasured with a radio audience has relit a flame for me. So I was kind of hoping the Beeb would ask me to do some more. So I guess I did alright, because I'm gonna. Watch out for me."

Below: Photos of Iggy Pop's chaotic live show

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