Wife to discover over 1,500 albums, one at a time
Andrew Trendell

10:31 17th March 2014

A blog started by a US librarian who plans to review each of her husband's 1500 records has become an online sensation. 

After years of moving house and growing tired of packing and unpacking her husband Alex's hundred of records, the librarian decided it was finally time to discover what he had been listening to for all these years - ranking and blogging about her experience along the way. 

"Alex’s taste in music could probably be best described as eclectic on the snobbier side," she writes. "My taste in music has changed from the early beginnings of Disney musicals to Dave Matthews Band, to discovering the Pixies in college. I’ve never been ahead of the curve with music, but my taste could probably also be described as eclectic on the snobbier side too- just in a much more clueless way.

"Alex said reading a reaction from a person like me, rather than a person who knows about the history of what I might be listening to, who has been listening to the same stuff for decades and has the vocabulary to talk about it, will be funny, sincere and maybe even thought provoking. Maybe? I don’t know, I guess we’ll see."

It's pretty awesome. Check out her blog here to discover which A Certain Ratio is 'a real jam', why AC/DC are 'cheesy' and why Anthrax helped her 'see the urge to head bang, if you will'. 

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Photo: alltherecords.tumblr.com