Big name stars help promote new device

10:29 12th March 2014

Neil Young has called on some of his high profile mates to help with the promo drive for new MP3 platform Pono - but tech experts aren't convinced on the new device.

The newly designed MP3 player and platform designed by Young enables users to compile high quality MP3's on a new device. The Pono can hold up to 200 high quality albums and is aimed at the more discerning music listener who expects a higher bitrate from their music collection. It is funded through Kickstarter and is currently taking pre-orders through the site.

In order to help get the word about the new player out, Young has brought in a bunch of his famous friends to provide testimonials. Bruce Springsteen, Eddie Vedder, Tom Petty, James Taylor, Sting and many more have stated that the quality of sound the player emits is equivalent to what can be heard in the studio.

 Check out a review of the new Pono device below

"It’s about the people who make the music and the way it sounds to us when we’re in the studio making it," says Young. "It’s about you hearing what we hear. And that hasn’t happened in a long time."

"I want to bring back real music," he continues. "That’s why we’re on Kickstarter. So that everyone who loves music can share in the release of Pono and the launch of the real music experience in the 21st century."

However the Pono has met with some resistance in the Tech industry due to its lofty claims, with some sites claiming that a high resolution isn't the answer to audio fidelity. The solution is to advocate for a return to CD-quality audio, not for the absurdly high-rate audio proposed by Young and others," writes Gizmodo.

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