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Gaby Whitehill

13:40 6th March 2014

Emoji videos are now officially a thing: someone's made a video of Beyonce's 'Drunk In Love', but instead of the lyrics, there's emojis. So basically a lyric video with emojis, people. Check it out below.

Vimeo user Jesse Hill has painstakingly 'translated' the lyrics of Bey's already iconic boozy smash into emojis - those cute little images on your iPhone that are absolutely bloody everywhere at the moment. In fact, Katy Perry's lyric video to 'Roar' consisted almost entirely of the critters as well. Anyway, this video is still amazing - and we're glad we're not the only ones who uses the aubergine symbol for, well, y'know.

Watch the 'Drunk In Love' emoji video below:

Queen Bey herself is also impressed with the results, posting the video on her Facebook page yesterday with the message "Love this!". However, not everyone's happy with the video, with some Vimeo users claiming Jesse Hill has stolen the idea from Oneohtrix Point Never's video for 'Boring Angel', which does, admittedly, look exactly the same.