White Women dance duo hit out at 'conservatism'
Andrew Trendell

15:53 3rd March 2014

Chromeo have spoken out about the 'conservatism' of the press - claiming the reaction to Beyonce's performance at this year's Grammy Awards was 'borderline racist'.

Beyonce hit headlines after her raunchy and sexual performance of 'Drunk Love' with husband Jay Z earlier this year - sparking outrage among more sensitive viewers, the Christian right and parents who feared for the oh so fragile innocence of their children. 

Speaking to Gigwise about their history of playing with sexual themes, expanding them on their upcoming album White Woman, Chromeo frontman Dave 1 (real name David Macklovitch) said that there was still far too much conservatism towards sexual attitudes in music. 

"I think that's why we try to be weird, more than anything else," he said. "I agree with the controversy you're talking about and I think it's actually disturbing to see how conservative a lot of the press is in reaction. If you listen to the lyrics to 'Brown Sugar' by the Rolling Stones, that sort of thing would never fly today. There's a climate of conservatism.

He continued: "We come from a place that's totally about respect for women, but on another level, I think that the backlash that Beyonce got after her Grammys performance was borderline racist.

"I think for us, the idea is just to do weirder things - it's sexy but in a very, very non-traditional way. It's sexy-quirky or sexy avant-garde. The album cover shows both of us marrying the same girl, it's called White Women and clearly the woman is not white. We just play with sexual signifiers instead of exploiting them."

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Listen to 'Sexy Socialite' by Chromeo below

White Women by Chromeo will be released on 12 May, 2014, before Chromeo return to the UK to play The Roundhouse in London on Friday 6 June and Parklife Weekender in Manchester on Saturday 7 June. 

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