Saying they're "idiots"...
Scott Colothan

10:47 29th September 2005

Noel GallagherNot one to keep his thoughts to himself, Noel Gallagher has attacked modern hip-hop stars saying they are “idiots.”

Noel says that although he grew up on hip-hop because it once “stood for something”, current rappers stars mistreat women, they're two–faced, they’re selfish and they promote violence.

As breaking news reports, Noel said: "What's masquerading itself as hip-hop-slash-R&B is fucking horrible… These guys will go on the telly going, 'Hey kids, stay in school, don't do drugs,' and then they'll be shooting each other down at the shopping mall.

"The disregard for women, stuff like that, I find it quite sickening. And the clothes they wear, and it's all about 'Me, me, me,' and 'I wanna fuck you up...' Give it a rest you bunch of idiots."