Host speaks ahead of Purple One's press conference
Andrew Trendell

14:23 4th February 2014

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Lianne La Havas has spoken out about her relationship with Prince, ahead of hosting him at her flat for a press conference and London tour announcement. 

Last week, The Purple One revealed that he'll be visiting the UK for a number of live shows at 'iconic venues in and around London' in February as part of of his 'Hit and Run' tour - with the announcement being made at a press conference from the front room of UK singer/songwriter, Lianne La Havas. The two have previously worked together, and La Havas offered her London flat as a location for a press announcement as a joke on hearing of his London visit. Prince took her up on the offer.

Speaking to Time Out about their relationship, La Havas said that they became friends after meeting in the US. 

"He heard my music, somehow, two years ago and decided he wanted to meet me!" she said. "So after a show in New York, I went to Paisley Park, Prince's studio outside of Minneapolis. We listened to music and had crudités and tea. He had PG Tips. It was surreal."

She continued: "He really cares. Anyone who loves music would have something in common with him."

When asked about the bizarre Hit And Run press conference, La Havas said: "I've never had [a global megastar] play in my house, but Prince has been here before. A few months ago. [He's] very respectful, which is good. He's tidy and just lovely.

"He's great to have around and have in your home."

Watch the teaser video for 'PretzelBodyLogic' below

The Hit And Run tour will promote Prince's upcoming new album, Plectrum Electrum. Dates and locations are yet to be announced, but are expected to be revealed this week. For more information, visit Gigwise Gig Tickets.

Below: 9 reasons to be VERY excited about Prince's London gigs

  • It's going to be EPIC: His Royal Badness is renowned for his gigs lasting upwards on three hours long, often until the sun rises - so much so that at a recent show for fans at his Paisley Park home, he told guests to come in their pyjamas and expect breakfast to be served. What a guy.

  • Prepare to party: During his last UK gig at Hop Farm festival, the Purple One effortlessly slipped in glorious renditions of songs by Michael Jackson, Bob Dylan, Wild Cherry, Sly and the Family Stone and The Beatles. He embodies all that is truly great about the best of everything in pop, rock, soul, funk, gospel and more - and makes every gig feel like the best wedding disco EVER. A celebration of REAL music.

  • It could be very intimate: Last year, a source told The Sun newspaper: "Prince has gone back to basics this year, playing in front of 300 people at the SXSW festival in Texas. He’s now on a US tour of small club shows and wants to do something similar in the UK later in the new year. It’s still to be decided if he’ll stay at one small venue and play 20 or more gigs or split his time between a few places around the country. Prince has asked his team to find unusual venues his fans wouldn't expect him to play."

  • Expect some new material: Yup, he's dropping his upcoming 36th (THIRTY SIXTH!) album Plectrum Electrum later this year.

  • It's going to rock: His new band 3rdEyeGirl have injected the Kiss star with a hard rush of adrenaline, making his new material like 'Screwdriver', 'Fixurlifeup' and 'Da Bourgeoisie' much rockier and with a filthy funk vibe. We wouldn't have it any other way.

  • ANTHEM AFTER ANTHEM AFTER ANTHEM: Who else boasts a catalogue with as many stone-cold feel-good classics as Prince? No one, that's who. He's got 'Kiss', 'Raspberry Beret', 'Gold', 'Little Red Corvette', 'Purple Rain', 'Let's Go Crazy'....we could go on. Hell, he may even crack out 'Pussy Control'.

  • Prepare to lose your voice: "Dearly beloved - we are gathered here today to get through this thing called 'life'. Electric word 'life', it means forever and that's a mighty long time but I'm here to tell you, there's something else..."

  • The man has exquisite banter: It's true, there are few finer showmen in the business. Coming from the James Brown old school of how to work a crowd properly, Mr Prince Rogers Nelson has the catty chat to go with his feline moves.

  • He's a bloody icon: Bowie won't tour, Jacko has sadly departed this Earth, Sir Paul McCartney plays everywhere all the time and Madonna just wants to shake her bits into old aged embarrassment. Prince however, is the living, breathing embodiment of pop music. He's a hero, so make sure you give him a hero's welcome when he touches down in London.

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