A very 2014 way of telling everyone the news
Gaby Whitehill

09:45 4th February 2014

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Former boyband star Kevin Jonas has announced the birth of his first child in a fairly unique way - the news was distributed via a tweet sponsored by a washing detergent company.

Forget teaming up with OK! magazine, the musician and his wife appear to have struck a deal with laundry detergent brand Dreft, who were quick to update followers with every stage of his wife Danielle Jonas' labour, as well as the first photo of the baby.





The musician, 1/3 of disbanded sibling pop rock outfit The Jonas Brothers, even encouraged fans to use the hashtag #BabyJonas. Was he not a little too busy, y'know, holding his wife's hand during her labour to tweet updates via a laundry detergent company? Weird.



We suppose it's more interesting and er, enterprising than a simple birth announcement in a newspaper.

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Photo: WENN