18-year-old punched in Beverly Hills
Edward Keeble

09:53 29th January 2014
Kanye West has reached an out of court settlement with the victim of his alleged assault, paying him a total of $250,000 (£150,766) in damages.

According to reports from TMZ, the 18-year-old who was suing Kanye West feels understandably happy with the sum he has been awarded and is refraining from pressing any further charges. According to the website the unnamed youngster was asking for a figure closer to one million.

However the District Attorney may still be able to press charges against West, although it seems increasingly unlikely as the settlement means the victim will now be uncooperative in prosecution.

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The incident took place at a Beverly Hills chiropractor's office in January, after West attended an appointment with partner Kim Kardashian. Sources from the scene report that the incident began when a man yelled 'Fuck these f**got-ass n**gers' at nearby paparazzi outside the offices, which prompted Kardashian to reprimand the youth for his language.

The man is said to have then turn his temper on Kardashian at this point, yelling at her: "Fuck you bitch. Just trying to help you. Shut up n**ger lover, stupid slut." Kardashian is said to have then called West to the scene, where he punched the man and began a brawl, which was broken up by staff at the chiropractor's office. 

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Photo: WENN.com