'Justified' is, unsurprisingly, about Bieber
Gaby Whitehill

09:23 23rd January 2014

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A man who spent $100,000 to resemble Justin Bieber is planning to release a single - called, unsurprisingly, 'Justified'.

Toby Sheldon, 33, is an aspiring singer-songwriter himself (of course) and has recently signed on with talent agency GR Media, who represents A-listers such as Tan Mom, Lindsay Lohan's father Michael Lohan, Teen Mom turned porn star Farrah Abraham and 'Octomom' Nadya Suleman. He's in good company.

This is Toby Sheldon.

Sheldon's single, 'Justified', is inevitably a homage to his idol. "I wanted to explain how deep my admiration for Justin goes and how good it feels to have more of his youthful features," Sheldon told Starcasm. Not creepy at all. 

Also not creepy is Sheldon's Instagram tagline: "I'm justin biebers biggest fan :) and I'm soon going to be him!"

The lyrics of Sheldon's single are killer, however, and include: "Your charming smile, your handsome look, It got me hooked," reads the first verse. "To turn back time, Surgery was all it took, To get Justified."

The real kicker, however, is the chorus:

"Bieber style
When I look in my mirror
Justin’s always here
Nothing I won’t try
Cuz all I want from life
Is to be a little more
Justified, Jus-Justified"

Sheldon also claims that despite the duo starting off looking very different - the two are now 'the same'.


Unfortunately, we don't have a clip of the track, but if for some reason you want to buy it it's available to download January 23.

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