'I f**king hate this next tune. I f**king hate it.'
gigwise intern
14:30 22nd January 2014

A YouTube user has created a hilarious compilation of the grumpiest parts from Noel Gallagher's commentary on a DVD of Oasis' videos. Check it out below.

The former Oasis guitarist and songwriter isn't known for mincing his words, and his reputation is further proved by his frank and scathing opinions of his own band's music videos. He disses his fashion sense ("What do I look like there? I look like f**king Colombo") and even his own songwriting ("I f**king hate this next tune. I f**king hate it").

He also reveals he was sick of making videos by their third clip ("I'd grown out of the video experience quite quickly...By the third one I was like, "this is a load of b*llocks"), and mocks the band's slightly more extravagant videos, exclaiming: "Look at all those helicopters...that cost a f**king fortune. This is f**king nonsense."

Check out Noel Gallagher's grumpy video commentary below:

Gallagher was in seemingly better spirits last weekend (January 20) when he serenaded model Kate Moss during her 40th birthday party at her Coltswold home - at 6 in the morning.

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