More green-screen testosterone coming soon

09:59 21st January 2014

Black Sabbath's classic song 'War Pigs' from their Paranoid album is the soundtrack to the new trailer for 300: Rise of an Empire. See the clip below.

Based on Frank Miller's 300 comic, the first film saw Gerard Butler's Leonidas defeated by general Xerxes. This time around king Xerxes, (previously the villain) will take a more central role as he marches on the major Greek cities. He will force new protagonist Themistocles into an uneasy alliance with Sparta which may lead them to victory with its superior infantry.

Chosen as the soundtrack to the TV spot, 'War Pigs' is a fitting track to stir up the blood of the target audience. If you enjoyed 300 you're likely going to eat this up.

Watch the trailer for 300: Rise of an Empire below