The Voice judge reveals advice from legend
Gaby Whitehill

09:55 9th January 2014

Tom Jones has revealed that Elvis Presley advised him not to cover Frank Sinatra songs early on in his career.

The Welsh crooner, who will reprise his role as a judge on singing contest The Voice on January 11, told Magic 105.4 that he knew legendary singers Presley and Sinatra "very well", adding that Presley even gave him some advice.

"I did an album of Frank Sinatra type things and Elvis listened and said, 'Tom I heard that thing' and I said ... 'Yeah and?' Elvis said, 'We leave that to Frank Sinatra, we don't go there'," Jones admitted. 

However, Sinatra encouraged a young Jones to deliver his take on his classic tracks, and wanted him to step into his shoes. "Then, when I do something a little more rocky, Frank would say: 'Tom, when I go and they [management] ask me who could replace me, I say you! So don't go making records like that!'," he continued. "So, if they feel that strongly about what they feel I can do, what am I going to say to these people that come on [to The Voice]? ... You think which way do I try to guide this person?''

Jones will be joined by new judges Ricky Wilson and Kylie Minogue on the third series, as well as

Photo: WENN