US star criticised for potentially offensive photo
michael baggs
13:21 31st December 2013

Beyonce may have been applauded for her stealth tactics in releasing her new album without hype or announcement, but her latest self-promoting venture has raised eyebrows and drawn criticism.

The 'XO' superstar has posted a photo of herself on her Instagram, posing in front of one of the most famous paintings of all time - Leonardo Da Vinci's The Last Supper. Of course, this being Beyonce, she has decided to pose in the middle of the picture and in front of Jesus. See the image below.


Some fans have speculated that the image could be hinting at a second surprise release from the superstar, but most are just baffled as to what she was thinking in posting the photo. One Instagram user commented: "I'm agnostic but respect religions and those who have faith. I can see why posing in front of a replica of 'The Last Supper', using her image to block out Jesus could offend.

"No matter whether she is or isnt religious herself, this controversial move is disrespectful to many. But seeing as the replica appears to behind a dingy-looking bar, I doubt the environment is respecting people anyway. Her agent should be posing in front of Judas for approving this stunt ;)"