Dan Smith discusses possible new r&b influence
Michael Baggs

12:40 31st December 2013

The problem with being one of the success stories of the year is the restraints it puts on your time, as Bastille have found, with their touring schedule having come between the band and their second album.

Following the release of Bastille's debut album, Bad Blood, the London band became one of the biggest new names on the UK music scene, scoring a huge hit with single 'Pompeii', which hit the UK Top Ten and became a hit in America. The band teased fans with new material on their Bad Blood re-release, but frontman Dan Smith has revealed that the pressures of success have delayed recording a full follow-up.

"I think if we weren't touring so much we'd probably have finished the album by now," he tells Gigwise, adding that they will only begin work on their second album when the time is right. "I've never wanted our music to be one thing. I guess we kind of make things when we feel like it."

Discussing the sound of the band's second album, Smith adds that it could be a more varied experience than Bad Blood, with more influences contributing to the band's evolving sound.

"There will be some songs that'll be quite guitar heavy and dark and at the moment i've been listening to a hell of a lot of R&B and so you know, there might even be some songs leaning that way," he adds. "But hey, it's one of those things where what I think sounds like a dark rock song or, you know, like an R&B track, might to someone else just sound like a Bastille song,

"It's hard when you're so involved in it to see it from the outside. But yeah, i'm really excited about the album, I feel like the first album did way better than we expected and way better than our label expected."

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