Have some appreciation people!...
Lowri Williams

12:41 22nd September 2005

Shawn CarterJay-Z aka Shawn Carter has hit out at white folk encroaching on the predominantly black hip hop scene.

The president of Def Jam appreciates those white folk who contribute to the scene and culture but dislikes those who just jump on the urban band wagon.

After winning the GQ Award for International Man Of The Year he said to the magazine: "They think they can say those words and take ownership of hip-hop. You can't. It's a lifestyle. It's a culture. It's not just music.

"It's the way you present yourself, the way you talk, it's all that. You can't just say 'holler back' and you're in. It doesn't work like that."

Is he talking about Gwen Stefani there d’ya think?

He went onto say: "Look at Eminem. He grew up around the culture his whole life. He's not capitalising off the culture, in my opinion. It's what he is."

Well, sor-ry Jay-Z, didn’t know you owned hip hop…oh sorry, you practically do.