Justin Young 'wants to make best record possible
Edward Keeble

11:47 15th December 2013

In news that is likely to disappoint Vaccines' fans, frontman Justin Young has said that the band's next album 'won't be coming out any time soon'. 

Speaking to XFM, Young said that the band had indeed begun the road to producing new material, but he was pensive to say so as it would be create added pressure from fans who may begin expected the album sooner than it would be ready.

"We've always written in quite a solitary manner so we've actually already started writing the next record," he told XFM. "I kind of feel by admitting that people are going to expect it sooner than perhaps we're ready to put it out."

He continued: "We're not set on releasing it any time soon. When we feel like we've made the best record we're capable of making, which is hopefully sooner rather than later, then we'll put it out and we're halfway to doing that really."  

Watch the video forThe Vaccines' 'Melody Calling' below

Young also made some rather bold comments, saying that the material might mean a new musical direction for the band, as it wouldn't be anything like the sound of the first two albums. Instead, Young said it would stylistically resemble the Melody Calling EP released earlier this year following the band's US recording sessions.

"I think that [the new album] certainly won't sound like the first two records," Justin told XFM. "I think it will closer stylistically to the 'Melody Calling' EP. I think we feel that was probably a bridge. In a way I kind of hope that 'Melody Calling' served as something to stop people going 'what the fuck?' when we release our next record because I don't think it will sound anything like the first two."  

Below: Photos of The Vaccines live at Millenium Square, Leeds

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