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michael baggs
09:43 12th December 2013

R.Kelly must be gutted that Robin Thicke oozed his way into the mainstream in 2013, and appears hell-bent on reclaiming his oily crown as music's sleaziest musician. His next plot? To release a sex-themed Christmas album.

However, Christmas 2013 is set to be sex-free as R.Kelly is planning to release The 12 Nights Of Christmas next year. How ever will we wait for an entire 12 months before we hear this masterpiece? R.Kelly is currently promoting his new non-festive album Black Panties, and claims that his new music is set to bring sex back into the mainstream, telling Rap-Up: "There’s been a lovemaking album drought, if you will, per my fans, and I’ve come to save the day."

Great stuff. Dildos and lube on the Christmas list in 2014 then.

R.Kelly recently launched a Black Panties helpline, allowing fans to listen to seductive messages delivered by phone by the star himself. The tracklist for Black Panties has confirmed that it's going to be as sleazy as the title suggests, including songs such as 'Marry the Pussy', 'Throw Money On You', 'Legs Shakin'', and 'Crazy Sex'.

The R&B singer also recently featured on Lady Gaga's ARTPOP single 'Do What U Want', and the pair performed a typically eccentric routine on this year's American Music Awards, with R Kelly playing president to Gaga's secretary.