The Smiths star refuses to shed light on his latest rant
gigwise intern
11:21 10th December 2013

Morrissey has once again upset Norway's residents after refusing to attend a press conference to shed light on his statement comparing the Utoya massacre to the meat industry.

Norwegians were left furious after Morrissey spoke out during a performance of 'Meat Is Murder' at a gig in Warshaw. He compared Anders Behring Breivik gunning down and killing 77 people in Oslo and on Utoya Island in July 2011 to what was happening in the meat industry in food chains like McDonalds. 

Morrissey is now due to appear at the Nobel Peace Prize concert in Oslo on tomorrow Wednesday 11 December but after his speech, many locals aren't happy he's attending.

He was given the chance to apologise at a press conference due to begin yesterday 9 December, but he refused to attend.