No album, band announce huge Hyde Park gig instead
Gaby Whitehill

10:13 9th December 2013

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McBusted fans took to Twitter to express their disappointment at the "anticlimactic" Hyde Park announcement the supergroup made this morning - after hyping the news as 'massive'.

It was strongly rumoured the band would be releasing a new album, with a source telling The Sun the "overwhelming" response to the supergroup's formation meant the group would be recording new material together.

However, it was instead revealed at the press conference that McBusted will be headlining July's British Summer Time Festival at Hyde Park, with 'special guests' The Backstreet Boys - and Twitter users took to the social networking site to slam the "overhyped" announcement.

"A little disappointed with that #McBusted announcement. Overhyped and should have been a new album, no doubt," @AlastairMcG wrote, whilst @iaingoode fumed: "Fucking get a life, you have a press conference to say you are playing a show. #McBusted #pressconference selling my tickets."

@laubow_ echoed their frustration, adding: "All that hype, a press conference, just to announce a show? How attention seeking can you get!! #McBusted." "Whoever is the head of #Mcbusted's PR team wants a good talking to. Making fans hyped up for a one off UK gig was a silly move," @Bobbie_House said.

McBusted will close British Summer Time on Sunday July 6, with special guests The Backstreet Boys. Tickets will go on sale this Friday (December 13) at 9am. For more information visit Gigwise Gig Tickets.

Below: James Arthur, McBusted - this month's music news in cartoons

  • James Arthur: James Arthur has not had a good month. Here he is battling with Frankie Boyle. In November, he's been accused of being a homophobic racist after calling Micky Worthless a 'queer' and associating him with the Taliban in a vile rap. He then quit Twitter after being humiliated by comedian Frankie Boyle before Lucy Spraggan published abusive texts that she received from him and iTunes refunded customers who didn't want his album any more. He then cancelled public appearances due to 'acute exhaustion'.

  • McBusted: The thoroughly unholy union of Busted and McFly joined together to form freakish mutant teen-pop supergroup McBusted. They'll be touring next year.

  • Justin Timberlake ANGRY: JT spoke out brutally honestly (maybe slightly too brutally - we're a bit scared) about the somewhat negative critical response his last album and film had, saying he 'wants to fucking kill everybody'. Speaking to GQ, in what we can imagine must have been a slightly awkward interview, the usually composed R & B superstar went on an expletive-laden rant about the chilly reception he's had in response to his latest work and the 20/20 Experience series of albums. "I find it ironic that I'm doing an interview with you about Man of the Year when I feel - literally - like a bunch of people just took a shit on my face," he said.

  • Genesis reunion?: Phil Collins has admitted that he is considering a return to music - and perhaps reforming legendary prog-rockers turned stadium pop icons Genesis. While speaking to German media at the opening of his Tarzan musical in Stuttgart, the drummer and frontman was considering returning to the stage. "I have started thinking about doing new stuff," said Collins. "Maybe playing some shows again, even with Genesis. Everything is possible."

  • Robin Thicke & Ron Burgundy: Robin Thicke is hoping to team up with Will Ferrell's Anchorman 2 character Ron Burgundy for a music video of their cover of Christophers Cross' 1980 hit 'Ride Like The Wind.' Having already recorded the cover, the odd pairing now want to make a video to promote the song and the new Anchorman 2 film due for release next month, but are said to be struggling to find the time to make it all happen according to the New York Post.

  • Watsky's daft stage dive: The Vans Warped Tour, taking place this month in London, was briefly shut down after a stage jump went dramatically wrong during the Sunday afternoon of the event. A Gigwise reviewer attending the Alexandra Palace rock event reports that the rock festival was halted after a stage stunt by George Watsky went wrong. He climbed onto the rigging during his performance and attempted to dive into the audience. The audience reportedly parted, and Watsky fell to the floor, suffering unknown injuries. A female member of the audience was left with a broken arm after the accident. In an image from the show, George Watsky can be seen high above the audience before his jump. Shortly afterwards, the show resumed. He later apologised for being so bloody stupid.

  • Lady Gaga takes a dip in the 'lady pond': Lady Gaga has spoken out about her sexuality once again, claiming that her bisexuality is not a lie, despite what critics say. Recently in an interview with Andy Cohen Gaga admitted that she had 'taken a few dips in the lady pond'. However after further questioning during her ARTPOP album launch in Berlin, she gave fans a full answer regarding her being bisexual. "You know what? It's not a lie that I am bisexual and I like women, and anyone that wants to twist this into 'she says she's bisexual for marketing,' this is a fucking lie. This is who I am and who I have always been".

  • John Lennon was a naughty boy: A detention book from John Lennon's former school Quarry Bank High School in Liverpool has been unearthed and is up for auction - revealing that the former Beatle was something of a problem pupil. On two occasions he earned three detentions in one day. Although a big advocate for peace in his adult life, the star was something of a teenage tearaway. The reasons for his multiple detentions include fighting, shoving, being a nuisance and simply showing no interest in class. His former science teacher revealed the teenage Lennon's character to The Express, stating "He was an extremely cheeky boy."

  • Rihanna and Miley Cyrus are evil: Children as young a five are repeating sexually explicit lines from songs by the likes of Rihanna and Miley Cyrus, a new poll has revealed. The new survey by Netmums reveals that most of the children have no idea what any of it means - but that some have learned the meaning through copying these huge stars.

  • Huey Morgan vs a mug: Radio host and Fun Lovin' Criminals frontman Huey Morgan stormed off the set of Never Mind The Buzzcocks, after throwing a strop in front of the cameras. The singer and BBC 6 Music DJ became visibly irritated with the 'next lines' section of the programme when he was asked by show hosts Rizzle Kicks to complete the lyrics of songs by his own band.

  • Lorde calls David Guetta 'fucking gross': Lorde's manager Scott Maclachlan received short shrift recently when he floated the idea of a collaboration with uber-huge hitmaker David Guetta - with the 'Royals' star calling him 'gross'. During an interview with Australian website FasterLouder, Maclachlan said he pulled the 16-year-old star to one side to inform her of the offer to work with the 'Titanium' house DJ. The suggestion didn't go down too well. he only words he received in return were "No. Fuck No. He's so gross."

  • Robin Thicke banned from more UK universities: More universities banned Robin Thicke's massive 2013 hit 'Blurred Lines', bringing the total institutions who have banned the controversial track to around 20. The song, which also features Pharrell Williams and TI, has been accused of glamourising rape ever since its release in March, due to questionable lyrics such as "I know you want it" and "I'll give you something big enough to tear your ass in two."

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