Paddy Power offer the odds after online petition
gigwise intern
15:27 4th December 2013

The horse that hospitalised Dappy by kicking him in the face has been given odds of 250/1 to win a Brit Award for 'Outstanding Contribution to Music.'

Betting wesbite Paddy Power offered the odds following an online petition to recognise the horse's contribution to music at next year's Brit Awards.

A spokeman for Paddy Power says of the horse's odds: "There’s no doubting this horse’s taste in music and at 50/1 it probably has a better chance of winning a music award in 2014 than Dappy does."

See the potential award-winning horse below

The petition, which currently has over 7,000 signatures, insists that the horse has performed a public service which "should be recognised."

"The horse showed class, discernment and good aim", said one petition supporter. "Very few individuals have done the public such a cultural service" explained another.

The singer, who is currently facing bankruptcy following an unpaid tax bill, received a hoof to the face after being thrown off his horse on the grounds of his country home.

Thankfully, he has since recovered enough to pose for a photo with "the biaaaatch that bust me open" on his twitter account.

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