Good news for huge bands, but small acts lose out
michael baggs
10:08 3rd December 2013

As musicians and artists continue to debate the pros and cons of Spotify, the amount earned by an artist from each track streamed has been reveaeld - and it's not exactly a healthy profit for musicians.

Spotify pays artists between $0.006 and $0.0084 to rightsholders every time a track is streamed online. While this is great news for the likes of Arctic Monkeys (who will have pockted $164,668 from streams of 'Do I Wanna Know' alone), it's not great news for smaller artists - again sparking debate about the future of Spotify as a valid music resource, as far as artists and musicians are concerned.

The information was disclosed by Spotify on a new website built specifically for the artists who host, or who are considering hosting, their music on the streaming service, which shares information about earnings that can be made from Spotify.

Atoms For Peace have been one of the most vocal detractors of Spotify, having spoken out against the services and removed their music in protest of the low fees earned by smaller artists.

"New artists get paid fuck all with this model," said Nigel Godrich of Atoms For Peace in July 2013.. "If we don't try and make it fair for new music producers and artists then the art will suffer.

"These are all the same old industry bods trying to get a stranglehold on the delivery system."