'Applause' singer says critics are too sensitive
michael baggs
13:01 26th November 2013

Lady Gaga has spoken out in support of Katy Perry, after the Prism star was accused of racist undertones in her Japanese-themed costume at the American Music Awards.

Perry performed new single 'Unconditionally' at the US event on the weekend, dressed in traditional Japanese dress. However, the appropriation of another culture is always a touchy subject in the pop world, and Perry has since been accused of racism by a number of US publications. Now however, Gaga has spoken in support of Perry and claims critics can be too sensitive.

"Maybe it’s because ‘Unconditionally’ means you’re supposed to love no matter what and geishas are paid?" said Gaga in an interview with Radio.com. "I think people are generally too sensitive and they should just leave her be, but you know, I’m not really the person to ask."

Watch Perry's 'controversial' performance below

Lady Gaga raised a few eyebrows herself at the AMAs, staged a JFK and Marilyn Monroe-themed performance alongside R.Kelly - which she claimed had little to do with either JFK or Marilyn Monroe.

"It’s really more just about any kind of scandal," she added. "I mean, there’s been lots of scandals in the White House, but you know, there’s scandals everywhere else — in pop culture and celebrity life — so I was doing sort of a comment about that."

Below: more stars on the red carpet at the American Music Awards