Former collaborators' feud escalates
gigwise intern
14:24 25th November 2013

Dev Hynes' and Solange Knowles' feud seemed to escalate further last night (November 24), as Hynes posted a series of tweets accusing the singer of talking "behind my back".

The two worked together on Knowles' acclaimed 2012 EP True, which included the Hynes-produced track 'Losing You'. However, it seems there's now bad blood between the pair. After Solange posted a series of angry tweets suggesting Hynes' contribution to the EP had been overexaggerated, Hynes revealed in a recent interview with The Fader that things weren't great between them. "We've spoken but I don't know where it's at," he admitted. 

It also transpired Hynes had quit his tour with the 'Lovers In The Parking Lot' singer early, and that he hadn't been asked back to work on her next album. Solange then posted a series of tweets which many conveyed as a response to Hynes' The Fader comments. "The truth always comes to light," she said.

Hynes has now posted a series of tweets (still with us?) which are appear to be a response to Solange's tweets, accusing Beyonce's sister of talking behind his back and defending himself, claiming he's always "praised" her. Read his tweets below: 



Hynes recently released new album 'Cupid Deluxe' under his Blood Orange moniker. The follow up to 2009's Coastal Grooves, it features appearances from Skepta, Friends' Samantha Urbani and rapper Despot.