Songwriter speaks of a change of view
Edward Keeble

10:08 24th November 2013

Christine McVie has revealed her interested in rejoining Fl0eetwood Mac full time - saying that she would love to be back in the band.

It's been a big year for Fleetwood Mac, who took on a series of high profile tour dates over summer, including the O2 shows at which McVie rejoined the band for a one off show. However it looks like the hitmaker has been swayed by the overwhelming response in her view toward the band.

"I like being with the band, the whole idea of playing music with them," she said in an as yet unpublished interview with the Guardian. "I miss them all. If they were to ask me I would probably be very delighted … but it hasn't happened so we'll have to wait and see."

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 McVie left the band in 1998 after 28 years and now says her perspective on where she wants to be has changed. "I think I was just music'd out. I suffered from some kind of delusion that I wanted to be an English country girl, a Sloane Ranger or something … and it took me 15 years to realise that it's not really what I wanted at all."

At the moment Fleetwood Mac have had to cancel a series of tour dates as the sad news came to light that Christine's ex husband John has been diagnosed with cancer. She says that he is doing well at the moment, recieving special treatment over the pond in LA.

 "It's a long way down that path if it ever were to happen," she concluded. "John's got to get well first, so it hasn't been talked about. We'll have to wait and see."

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