X Factor star and comedian come to blows again
Andrew Trendell

10:16 18th November 2013

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X Factor winner turned public enemy No.1 James Arthur has quit Twitter after a public and vicious war of words with comedian Frankie Boyle over Arthur's homophobic lyrics.

Their online feud sparked off once again after Boyle tweeted an insult about Arthur's education (or lack of), to which the 'Impossible' singer responded with: 

Boyle then hit back with: "From the pic I thought it was a child's drawing of a monster.Sit down &( so far as it's technically possible) shut your mouth".

What follows, is totally awesome:


Arthur then spoke out to quit Twitter, posting: "#LOVE to my fans but I'm coming off twitter for good. HQ will be doing all my tweets from now on. PEACE!"

The 'rampant homophobia' and 'gay hate slur' that Boyle refers to an incident over the weekend where Arthur was forced to apologise for an offensive rap track he recorded and posted online, in which he referred to another artist as a 'fucking queer'.

Arthur was the subject of a diss track by rapper Micky Worthless, who recorded a song about the 'Impossible' chart topper, titled 'Stay In Your Lane, James'. The talent show star had recently announced that he was planning to record a rap mixtape. Arthur then took it upon himself to record a homophobic attack on Worthless. In the track, Arthur raps: "You f***ing queer. Hilarious, precarious you Talibani confused, imbellic mimic of a gimmick."

Arthur was criticised by the likes of Matt Lucas and fellow X Factor contestant Lucy Spraggan for his comments and he later removed the track from his Soundcloud account.

He later made an apology, somehow hoping people would believe the term 'f**king queer' was not a reference to being gay.

"I just have to say I'm extremely disappointed in myself for being so naive with the diss track I made for an unknown rapper recently," he added. "Some of the things said in this rap can be mistaken for homophobic slurs and I assure you homophobia is something I do not believe in."

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