Frontman suffers unknown injuries in stage fall
michael baggs
16:46 17th November 2013

The Vans Warped Tour, taking place this weekend in London, was briefly shut down after a stage jump went dramatically wrong during the Sunday afternoon of the event.

A Gigwise reviewer attending the Alexandra Palace rock event reports that the rock festival was halted after a stage stunt by George Watsky went wrong. He climbed onto the rigging during his performance and attempted to dive into the audience. The audience reportedly parted, and Watsky fell to the floor, suffering unknown injuries. A female member of the audience was left with a broken arm after the accident. In an image from the show, George Watsky can be seen high above the audience before his jump. Shortly afterwards, the show resumed.

"The band watched in horror as the singer remained on the ground after missing the stage dive," said our reviewer, Amy Gravelle. "He also broke a girls arm in the process and injured other members of the crowd. Audience members were completely shocked and the main stage's acts have completely come to a halt."

See the moment before he jumped below. George Watsky can be seen on the very top of the rigging. The event resumed after Watsky was taken away in an ambulance.

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