Gaga's Japanese label responsible for the video
Tamsyn Wilce

13:37 16th November 2013

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Universal Music Group Japan,  the Japanese branch of Lady Gaga's label, have uploaded a teaser trailer of the GAGADOLL. Watch the bizarre video below.

The trailer, which sees workers building and moulding what appears to be structures of Gaga's body and face, appeared online earlier this week but gives no real information as to what it's for. Lady Gaga is yet to announce anything or confirm any information regarding the trailer, however fans have speculated that it is the latest invention from the singer's new TechHausdesign branch, which recently produced the world's first flying dress. 

Watch the trailer for GAGADOLL below:

Others believe it is part of the promotional activity for Gaga's next single 'Do What U Want' featuring R Kelly. 

Lady Gaga's latest album offering, ARTPOP has seen a dramatic loss in sales compared with previous LP Born This Way, however it is still on course to reach the No.1 spot this week. 

Below: How Lady Gaga fans deal with ARTPOP criticism

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