After quitting smoking...
Jeff Ando

11:57 18th September 2005

David Bowie - 'Space Oddity'David Bowie has revealed his shock over his near-fatal heart attack last year, as he had made the decision to give up smoking only six months beforehand.

The star, who had a 60-a-day habit, had made the decision to quit for the sake of his five-year old daughter Alexandria.

He says, "I started to give up when my daughter was born because I wouldn't smoke inside the house with her there so I had to go outside. It's bloody cold in winter in New York, so I just quit. That was worth it wasn't it?!

As far as I'm concerned I lead a healthy lifestyle now so it did come as a shock to have a heart attack."

Bowie did add that after a year out he is back and fitter than ever: "I feel fantastic at the moment. After I had the heart attack, I decided to take a year off and do nothing.

"I didn't do any work and just made sure I was looking after myself. I go to the gym. I don't drink and I'm feeling really good.

All of us at Gigwise wish him well, just so long as he doesn't consider a return to the big screen.