She's a pillar of virtue...
Davina Earl

12:20 17th September 2005

Courtney LoveDespite using drugs whilst on probation, Courtney Love has avoided a 180-day prison sentence, for apparently already making progress.

LA Superior Court Judge Rand Rubin praised Love for making an ‘excellent first step’ to recovery and only sentenced her to a further six months in the live-in rehabilitation centre which she entered last month after she had violated her probation by substance abuse. Love was on probation for previous drugs offences and smacking some broad with a whiskey bottle and a large – lit – candle.

She won’t be able to leave the clinic except in emergencies and will be subject to random drugs tests. The judge also extended her probation until March 2007, to which Courtney gurgled: “thank you very much, your honour.”

In a separate development on Friday, Love was sued by the woman she belted with the bottle. Kristin King, who Courtney found in her boyfriend’s home, is seeking unspecified damages for assault, battery, false imprisonment and other claims the BBC report today.