New track taken from You And The Night movie
gigwise intern
16:35 12th November 2013

M83 have revealed a new song from the score for upcoming French film You and the Night. It's more than a little creepy. Listen to 'Ali & Matthias' below.

The song combines a simple guitar riff, soft synths, piano and flute, gliding smoothly together taking you to a place of tranquillity. But that's all false pretence as the introduction of some harmonising female vocals over the track juxtapose completely giving it a creepy ghost-like tone that is unnerving on the ear. It makes you wonder if the film itself takes a turn for the worse in its plot.

Listen to 'Ali & Matthias' below

The track is certainly a completely different sound from the synth-rockers, but it's not a bad change, instead it just gives a peak at the strengths of two already talented musicians and what could be on the horizon.

The score entitled 'You and The Night' will be released on 19 November with the film being released tomorrow (13 November).