Pop's little terror claimed he had food poisoning
Edward Keeble

09:37 12th November 2013

In the latest chapter of Justin Bieber's South American nightmare, he cancelled a gig mid-concert - claiming that he had a case of food poisoning. Watch a video of the incident below.

Leaving the stage to a chorus of boos from the crowd, Bieber left his fans rather upset after they shelled out $320 per ticket to see the teen idol.

At the River Plate stadium in Bueons Aires he cancelled proceedings, bringing in a translator to tell the crowd: "I'm not feeling too good, I think I'm out of energy." Before blowing a kiss and walking away from the stage.

Watch Bieber and his funny tummy in the video below 

Following the backlash, Bieber posted a selfie of himself with an intravenous drip, in order to placate critics who might think that his stomach ache may have something to do with all the partying and other such antics that have been reported in the papers.

In a statement, Bieber's manager Scooter Braun said that his food poisoning was so bad that he spent eight hours on a drip before the show and that doctors had advised cancelling the gig. Obviously he tried to soldier on as Braun tweeted: "had a rough night but handled it like a man who cares and put his beliebers before himself. very proud. he will be back!"

This must be some kind of world record in music for failed performances as in the last year Justin has arrived late at shows in London, walked off-stage after being bottled last week and has cancelled shows in New Zealand.