Pop nudist gets her kit off in space
Edward Keeble

09:13 12th November 2013

In a move that won't shock anyone, Miley Cyrus has shed her clothes again for her 'Real and True' music video, in which she galavants in space naked. Obviously.

The science fiction themed video sees astronauts Future and Mr. Hudson land on a desolate planet where they find an alien (played by Miley Cyrus) near death. They use machinery to bring her back to life while Cyrus walks around in nothing but silver body paint doing her best Sinead 'O Connor impression to the camera, before vanishing. End of video.

Check out Miley Cyrus and her nakedness in the video below

Compared to Cyrus' latest antics this is probably the most conservative affair we've seen yet as it is more in the vein of Britney Spears' 'Toxic' video than full on unabashed nudity.

Speaking about the how the collaboration came about, Future stated: "I was doing some records in Vegas and Mr Hudson sent a hook back he did on a Mike WiLL [Made It] track. He played it for Miley and she wanted to be a part of it, so I'm putting the record on my album also."

Meanwhile in another attempt to offend people everywhere, and warp the mind of her tween audience, the star sparked up a spliff on stage in Amsterdam at the MTV EMAs and was spanked by a dwarf. Sounds like the usual kind of thing one might get up to in the Dutch capital.

Below check out a gallery of the most underwhelming award show stunts 

  • P Diddy's ring, MTV EMAs 2002 - It's understandable MTV wanted to shake things up a bit after they realised their choice of host had all the personality of a bread knife. However, presenter Diddy offering his diamond ring to any female who came onstage topless was grossly sexist and lame. We wonder if the parents of the braless volunteer who eventually rose to the 'challenge' are proud.

  • Lady Gaga's rebirth, Grammys 2011 - The star made a typically low-key entrance into the awards show by arriving in an egg carried by a gaggle of stone-faced weirdos, which she remained in until her performance of 'Born This Way' (get the deep meaning now?). We kind of wish she had stayed in there.

  • 50 Cent's silent protest, Grammys 2004 - Before ruining Taylor Swift's moment of glory was but a glint in Kanye West's eye, 50 Cent did the whole awards-crashing thing way back in 2004. After rock group Evanescence won the Best New Artist gong at the Grammy ceremony, 50 strolled slowly and wordlessly onstage, apparently in protest at hip hop not being represented at the awards. Everyone was confused, including Evanescence vocalist Amy Lee, who spluttered: "Oh, what did I do? This is my first time!".

  • Rihanna and Britney's 'S&M' performance, Billboard Awards 2011 - The two notoriously prim popstars took to the stage to perform a 'remix' of Rihanna's raunchy track 'S&M', bumping and grinding over poles and flinging chains everywhere in a desperate and obvious attempt to shock and offend. The overall effect was about as sexy as a colonic irrigation.

  • Miley smokes a 'joint', MTV EMAs 2013 - Miley Cyrus continued to commit to her new bad girl/rebel persona by producing what looked like a spliff onstage at the Amsterdam ceremony and smoking it. Not particularly impressive or shocking as a) we're kind of bored of her shock tactics and b) it just happens to be legal to smoke marijuana in cafes around the Dutch city.

  • Geri Halliwell's crotchtastic entrance, Brit Awards 2000 - After her infamous exit from the Spice Girls, ex-Ginger Spice embarked on a long and fruitful solo career, which kicked off with this performance at the Brit Awards. Halliwell emerged from in between a giant pair of inflatable legs to perform single 'Bag It Up'. It was all a bit weird. But weirder was still to come...

  • Noel Gallagher is rude, Brit Awards 1996 - Before family life mellowed him, the Oasis frontman seemed to make it his aim in life to act like a rude, mean prick at every Brit Awards ceremony possible, but he took the biscuit in 96 when Michael Hutchence of 80s rock band INXS presented him with an award. Gallagher accepted the gong from Hutchence whilst exclaiming "has beens shouldn't present awards to gonna-be's". NICE.