And yes, it's very noisy and intense
Michael Baggs

09:37 11th November 2013

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Lady Gaga has streamed her ARTPOP Artrave gig online, and it is every bit as hectic, noisy and chaotic as you might expect.

Click here to watch it in full.

The New York event was streamed in full on the Vevo website, and was hosted in a 'top secret' location in the US city. She performed a sparse but impressive show for her committed Stateside fans - many of whom had come dressed as Gaga throughout her career. The star appeared wide-eyed and slightly manic throughout the show, but impressed with live vocals and a hugely energetic performance.

The show included performances of new tracks including 'Applause', 'Venus', 'Aura', 'Dope' and current single, 'Do What U Want'.

The star also performed on Graham Norton's UK TV show on the weekend. Watch her intense performance of 'Do What U Want' below.

Below: the 9 most pretentious things Lady Gaga has said (and worn) while promoting ARTPOP


  • "I'm not one icon. I'm every icon. I'm an icon that is made out of of all the colours on the palette at every time."

  • "Make sure when writing about my new album ARTPOP that you CAPITALIZE the title! It's all in the details."

  • On how she relaxes - "A lot of meditation. I went out into the woods for a few days. I just disconnected myself from everything and allowed myself to be free and be human."

  • "ArtRave is November 10th, New York. 1800 people will be allowed in. The final retrogade phase of Mercury will occur, transitioning communication. It will reveal the miscommunications in our lives. We will no longer be able to side-step the consequences of what we choose to say."

  • "To make ARTPOP there must be an exchange between two auras: one from the sphere of ART, and the other from the sphere of POP."

  • "I wrote 4 hooks in 'Venus'. The snippet is of the first two before the true chorus. The rise before the orgasm."

  • On the release of ARTPOP - "A quick ejaculation"

  • "All of these outfits and all of these wigs that I've been changing in over the years - this is my way of assimilating, and this is my way of surviving. This is my way of getting to Oz, to have all my dreams come true...Dorothy was able to transform in order to survive."

  • "FUN FACT about ARTPOP: I sang the songs over and over until they were a part of me. Then we pressed record."

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