Gary Lightbody judged harshly by TV audience
Michael Baggs

08:41 4th November 2013

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Snow Patrol frontman Gary Lightbody fell foul of the UK public this weekend, after his X Factor performance with US star Taylor Swift was slammed online by fans of the show.

Lightbody joined Swift on the Saturday night episode of the TV talent show, where the duo performed their new collaboration, 'The Last Time'. But while they were not on the show to be officially judged by the show's audience, their performance drew harsh criticism from the television viewing masses.

"I vote Taylor Swift and Gary Lightbody in the bottom two after that performance #XFactor," said one critical viewer, while others hit out at the bizarre sight of a US superstar and a former UK indie star (who chose to wear a coat on the show, despite being stood under hot studio lights), singing together on prime time TV.

See the performance below

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