'Competition ruins the love for music'
gigwise intern
13:06 3rd November 2013

Katy Perry has spoken out against the supposed rivalry with Gaga and other female popstars, saying that it's "not healthy."

The singer, who has seen her new album Prism shoot straight to No.1 across the globe and who more than doubled the amount of downloads Gaga received for 'Applause' with the lead single 'Roar', has brushed off all remarks over who is the reigning queen of pop and the alledged competition between them. 

Speaking to Entertainment Weekly about the competition between the two, Katy Perry said: "Gaga and I like to publicly dismiss it because it's not healthy. You want to feel music. You want it to resonate and relate to you. You can't look at it like a competition because you ruin the reason why you love music. But I think that sometimes our fan groups are so big and strong, they use it as ammunition."

Watch the video for 'Roar' below:

With the music industry pitting the likes of Perry, Gaga and Cyrus against each other in terms of musical succession and each of their fanbases hitting out at each other to defend their idols' 'crowns', female artists are standing up to support each other. 

In a recent interview with Andy Cohen, Gaga said: "I just think it's very unfair of anyone to pit another woman against another woman, especially in the space of music, when we're all just trying to be taken seriously at all as females."

Below: Katy Perry, live at iTunes Festival 2013