Gang banged by crowd...
Daniel Melia
14:13 15th September 2005

New York hardcore pseudo men lovers Gay For Johnny Depp were last night attacked during a gig in Exeter.

The band were playing their first show in the UK supporting Million Dead when band member Marty Leopard was attacked by a member of the crowd and hospitalised.

A statement from the bands label says: “Gay For Johnny Depp singer 'Marty Leopard' last night got attacked by a member of the audience who took umbrage at the band's OTT pro-gay love live performance at the NYC quartet's opening show with Million Dead at Exeter Cavern.”

“He ended up in hospital but is out now, nursing his injuries and eating his breakfast. Whether it is through a straw remains unconfirmed. Perhaps someone took the sentiment of the band's 'hit' single 'No Teeth, Thumbs Up' a little too literally.”

The bands mini album Blood: The Natural Lubricant (An Apocalyptic Adventure Beyond Sodom And Gomorrah) is available from Monday.