Band questions why Mercury Music Prize bypasses 'heavier' music

09:46 30th October 2013

Scottish rock heroes Biffy Clyro have stated that they don't belive the Mercury Awards represent 'heavy' rock music, and that they should have been nominated for an award for their 2013 effort, Opposites.

Watch our interview with Biffy Clyro discussing the Mercury Awards in the video above

Speaking to Gigwise backstage at their Samsung Galaxy Studio Live show in Guildford, bassist James Johnston said that the list of nominees this year were very 'typical of the Mercury prize,' going on to add 'they tend to pick bands from every sphere of music'. However, drummer Ben Johnston challenged this asking "do they?" to which James responded: "they seem to bypass heavy music at every stage".

"I just think we should've been nominated," joked James, with Ben adding: "I think doing a double album is quite brave and and I thought the Mercury Prize was all about bravery and taking risks. But obviously it wasn't quite brave enough".

The band were however, nominated for the 2010 Mercury for their album Only Revolutions. 

Speaking of this years nominees Ben Johnstone said: "My two favorites would be Bowie and Foals I think. You can't deny Bowie - he's incredible, always has been and always will be. The Foals record is great too. I Think everyone has taken that into their hearts, they really pulled off great performances at the festivals this summer."

Below: Exclusive photos of Biffy Clyro rocking Leeds Festival 2013