Shy and retiring star discusses 'Roar' star
michael baggs
15:58 23rd October 2013

Courtney Love is not a fan of Katy Perry. Unsurprisingly.

The former Hole frontwoman has hit out at the 'Roar' singer for the second time this year, slamming the chart-topping star as 'sad' and claiming she is 'damaged goods' and has a boring career. Don't hold back Courtney.

"I liked Katy when she was in a black shag and the shy girl on Glen Ballard's arm at events," she tells Interview magazine. "She was damaged goods by the time she got to Capitol [Records].

"She really worked for it - 'It' being a career I find so boring it's sort of sad, but what she wears is cute and in her own universe."

Katy Perry's career is 'boring and sad', according to Courtney Love

In September of this year, Love first spoke of her sense of tedium over Perry and her ongoing career, telling New York Post in September: " I'm gonna be honest, Katy Perry bores the shit out of me. She's a nice girl, she just really bores me."

Below: the rants and ramblings of Courtney Love